We offer a wide range of turnstiles, swinging gates, revolving doors, speed gates and secured passages and accesses.

  • Turnstiles with 3 arms and opening gates for access to shops and commercial areas and to offices and institution.
  • Revolving doors and gates with glass panels for hotels or HQ of big companies, ministries, banks, PLcs etc.
  • Full height turnstiles and access gates with 3 or 4 combs, arms, or sliding or swinging panels.
  • Turnstiles fixed on a pole or in the form of a "box", type “table”
  • For “indoor” or “outdoor” use.
  • Boom barriers for car park access, industrial zones,or road blockers etc.

Our systems are completely modular, and we can provide turnstiles that work autonomously with push button or coupled to an existing access control system such as in sports and fitness rooms and office building or integrated and coupled to our access management systems and software.

We have many sizes of revolving door with glass panels or steel combs, stainless steel of brushed steel, indoor or outdoor, to manage access to factories, plants, car parks, industrial zones.

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