Small Devices and Counters

  • Since many years we offer a wide range of counters, digital or manual to be connected to a machine to count units or to be used by hand.
  • The health crisis that we have suffered has led us to offer tools to combat it, tools which are not part of our product range like among other things, infrared thermometers.
  • We are also offering tracking systems with a portable device and tags and software to record all movement, usually uses for watch guard, they can also be used to monitor maintenance on machines or logistics.

Our Solutions:

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Infrared Thermometer

They are very precise, of excellent quality and it is the ideal tool for a rapid temperature measurement. These solutions, with our Infrared thermometers, unit counters, tour guards, clocks and displays section, gives even more possibilities: follow up of parts and spare parts, follow-up of operations like on big machines, maintenance of engines.

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Unit Counters

Unit Counters, Counting unit, manually or with the help of a digital unit counter linked with machines to count or passengers on a flight or pieces manufactured on a machine.

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Tracking systems & Controller

We offer solutions for the Tour controllers, Counters, Stopwatch, Unit counters. Mobile recorders and night patrol management or to track maintenance of machines, or of spare parts or for logistic. Completely flexible system with portable device based on (RFID) technology for data entry and link to a easy to use software.

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Hour clock and displays.

We are also offering wall clock, date and time displays with countdown option as well.