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Dedicated to time management solutions, time recorders, schedules management, time and attendance, access control with our without turnstile, planning, rugged tablets & Notebook.

  • Time management solutions, Time and Attendance
  • Team planning and holiday management
  • Working from Home Time Management Solutions
  • Turnstiles, speed gates and gates
  • Rugged Tablets, Smartphones, Laptops and Displays.
  • Access Control full Solutions, Watch-guard management, tracking systems.

Customers who trusted us

The clients who trusted us for Time management solution, time and attendance, access control solutions, turnstiles and gates, time recorders, time clocks, with team planning, working from home time management solutions, time management on smartphones, tablets, or rugged laptops. We sell also, small devices like unit counters or watch-guard management.

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News about our range of Time management systems, turnstiles and gates, rugged tablets, laptops & handheld, time recorders, time machines, clocking machines & time management and access control systems.

The “time management" is ever improving.

News about our range of Time management systems and rugged tablets, laptops & handheld, time recorders, time machines.

We offer you a new solution, vehicle management,!

This PDA is portable can mounted in vehicles, makes it possible to manage trips and follow the roads.

"Cloud" clocking software with "mobile" solution!

Our clocking solutions makes possible not only for staff to clock in, but also to consult their clockings from their PC, tablet or smartphone.

Employee Web Portal for Z-Enterprise "ATALAYA"

Atalaya 2 is a web application through which employees or managers can view and print scores, hour credits, payroll, etc.


In the era of new technologies, the daily and permanent use of mobile phones, artificial intelligence and / or tablets, our new proposal, "app", meets current requirements, with management geolocation “App”, with personalized direct access to functionalities, also thanks to modern barcode technology and “QR” codes in the solution.

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