The Company

We offer:

  • HR managment solutions
  • Time management softwares
  • Access control & turnstiles, gates solutions
  • Employee planning and production time management, job costing
  • Schedule management with time clocks or virtual, clocking from PC
  • Professional time management
  • Industrial tablets and rugged notebooks

About Us:

Horomeca Solutions is located in France and Benelux and has become a reference in the field of time-and-attendance solutions and planning management, human resources solutions, access control, turnstiles and access control for more than 100 years now. From time to time an independent company or included in a larger group, the company exists under its current form since March 1994.

The management of our company has a large management experience. We offer clocking and management solutions and systems for staff scheduling, personnel management, team planning, attendance, holiday, access to premises, but also all types of devices for capturing and managing this data, rugged tablets, PDA, readers and Barcode scanners, for all type of small companies and associations

Who we are:

Our working method is always based on advice to guide the customer towards the best solution in terms of price and capacity and demanded requirement. The flexibility and modularity of our software are the best of bride of solutions.

Flexible hours that allow employees to better manage their working time can only be managed by solutions like ours. The safety of people on site requires rigorous access control systems.


Our accounts:


A dynamic company specializing in the digitization of your